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The 42nd Entry Telegs Association was established by Tony Williams and Roger Hubbard, both 42nd Entry Telegs,  so that old friends could meet, chat about the old times and enjoy each others company. The first reunion was held in Stoke in 1995.


The Entry was part of the RAF Boy Entrants scheme which took boys aged between  15 1/2 and 16 1/2 into RAF Training for 18 months at RAF Cosford.  The 42 Entry began its training in January 1961.


RAF Cosford

42 Entry Telegs Association


Vulcan XH558 flying over RAF Cosford June 2009. The last flight of XH558 took place in October  2015. For more info click here 

In the 1960's the cold war was in full swing and the RAF was in the forefront in providing a bomber force capable of delivering an atomic bomb. The Vulcan shown in the picture was such an aircraft. An excellent display documenting the cold war can be seen at the RAF museum at Cosford.  For more info click here


Boy Entrant Tony Williams who founded the Association.  Tony died in January 1999 - Sadly Missed.

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