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Attendees of the 25th Reunion Telford 2023

God save the King!


Attendees of the 24th Reunion Telford 2022

Our 60th Year since graduation

42 entry reunion 2019

Attendees of the 24th Reunion Telford 2019

42 entry reunion 2017

Attendees of the 2018 42 Entry Reunion, Telford

Attendees of the 2017 42 Entry Reunion Darlington

reunion 2016

Attendees of the 21st  Reunion 2016 at Milton Keynes

reunion 2015 york

Attendees of the 20th  Reunion 2015 York


RAF Cosford

42 Entry Telegs Association


The 42nd Entry Telegs Association was formed in 1995 by Tony Williams and Roger Hubbard who worked to contact members of the 42nd Entry so that a reunion could be organised. The first reunion was in the George Hotel Stoke and was a great success and it was agreed that future reunions would be held and the work of contacting 'lost' boys would continue.





42nd at Stoke

Ex 42nd Entry Telegs at the first Reunion on the steps of the George Hotel Stoke

24 years later the Association is still meeting each year with average attendances of around 35-40 (ex boys plus wives and partners).  


The Format of the reunion covers three days and is as follows:


Day one : Arrive at the Hotel, informal evening meal and visit to the bar.  Arriving on day one is  optional.


Next Day : For those who arrived on the previous evening the time is your own before the formal dinner in the evening.  Many groups are formed for a bit of local sightseeing. It has been a tradition that some members go to the local golf club. Its not known if any golf is played! The formal dinner in the evening is held in a private dining room, dress code is suits.


Third Day : The association holds its Annual General Meeting lasting for about 40 mins.  All attendees welcome.  


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